Mush! A Dog Sled Ride

So, you thought you had to go to Alaska to go dogsledding?  I did too. But, to my surprise, I learned a short drive to New Hampshire would satiate my desire to experience a sled dog ride.

My husband and I spent a long weekend in northern New Hampshire last December. We were ready to snowshoe, cross-country ski, and even take a plunge in a hot water, outdoor pool. We didn’t know about dogsledding until we saw a pamphlet on it at our hotel. We were hooked instantly.Dogsledding

We arrived at the appointed time for our reservation. There were lots of dogs – huskies and malamutes – two breeds that thrive on pulling sleds. We spent time petting the dogs who were resting in between runs.  Though, I don’t know how much rest they got. Each time a sled ride left, the resting dogs would bark with excitement, jump, and pull at their chains. They were ready to run!

Soon it was our turn to go. We met our eight sled dogs then got seated in our sled with a warm down sleeping bag to cover us.  Next, with a couple of hoots and hollers from the musher, we were underway.  What a thrill! These dogs had a lot of horse power. We were moving at a nice clip. The 30-minute ride included going up and down some small hills, maneuvering curves and flat straight-aways.

DogsleddingAt the end of the ride, it was time for a reward. We brought dog treats and gave one to each of the eight dogs. We learned from our musher that the dog sled company rescues Alaskan Huskies who are at home doing a job they love. I’ll second that!

For more information on dogsledding in New Hampshire, contact Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel. You may also contact New England Dogsledding. In the western states, check out opportunities in Minnesota, Montana, and, of course, Alaska.

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