Posh Pooches in Japan


DSCN4978 DSCN4977 DSCN4976Who knew that Japan would have the most fashion-forward of dogs?  I expected the dogs to be the small, toy breeds but I never dreamed I’d see such bejeweled and bedecked “inu” (that’s Japanese for dog). One day in the town of Nara, outside Kyoto, we wandered into a dog store called Cocoro. We were looking for a dog toy for our large golden retriever. Instead, we found toy dog clothes, collars, bling and even accessories for humans. We gave up on seeing a large dog during our visit but Kyoto surprised us with a golden retriever and a flat-coated retriever with bows clipped to their ears . . .

Isn’t there a B-52s song about a poodle in this somewhere?

“Has anybody seen, a dog dyed dark-green? About two inches tall, with a strawberry blonde fall. Sunglasses and a bonnet and designer jeans with appliques on it?”

Wan-wan! (translation: “woof woof”)













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